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How to Give a Woman an Explosive Climax – 3 Sex Techniques on Becoming a Sex Stud

Great Masturbation TechniquesBeing completely and fully satisfied during sex is every woman’s dream. However, the sad truth is that few women realize that dream because most guys are just clueless when it comes to pleasing women sexually. If you count yourself among the men who are baffled by the female anatomy, then pay attention to these great tips on how to bring a woman to climax. The following are 3 powerful techniques to masturbate a girl.

1-Using the G-spot for Vaginal Stimulation

The first step in using the G-spot is to locate it perfectly. The G-Spot is positioned 1 to 2 inches within the anterior wall of the vagina. The effortless way to arrive at the G-Spot is to employ your middle or index finger to feel it; as you glide the finger down the inner parts of the vaginal wall. Once located begin massaging it in smooth circular motions. Remember to keep the pressure smooth but constant. You will know when she is about to climax, because of her bodily reactions and swelling out of the G-spot like a balloon. Most important tip here is to learn by experience; whether she likes being stimulated by slow massaging or by a milking motion. Experiment with both ways, and then settle down with whatever suits her best. Again, please do not apply the same rule for all women. What works for your wife may not work for your girlfriend or vice versa.

2-Using Your Tongue for Stimulation

If you feel lost while searching for the G-spot, or if you are too hurried and short of patience to search for it, you can always depend on this time-tested vaginal stimulation technique. Use your tongue to gently lick the inner lips of the vaginal opening. This method needs a lot of skill and extra care because it is very easy to turn her off and run the risk of losing her interest if you are not doing it right. So use your hands in addition to grabbing her undivided attention, and massage the clitoris with the thumb while your tongue gets busy in exploring the depth of the vaginal opening. Many women dislike direct pressure on the clitoris, as it is a highly sensitive bunch of nerves. So do not overdo the massage, and you can simply pat it gently or rub it softly if your partner hates too much pressure over the clitoris.

3-Using an Accessory for Stimulation

Though being the most preferred method by women while masturbating alone, many men are only too eager to try out an accessory on their woman. This may be in the form of either a vibrator or any other item like a rubber dildo, cucumber, candle or a plastic bottle. Use the accessory very gently and delicately, as any inappropriate amount of pressure can lead to injury and trauma of the genitals. Also, proper maintenance of hygiene is extremely important, as using unclean stuff as accessories for vaginal stimulation can lead to infections and lot of discomfort later on.

Vaginal stimulation need not be looked upon exclusively as a method of masturbation amongst women. You can use the techniques above to enhance the sexual pleasure for your woman, and thereby improve the quality of your love life as well.