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How to last longer in bed? The easy way!

Fuck me longer

The duration of a sexual act should be satisfactory for both partners. Premature ejaculation can really destroy the whole pleasant mood of your girlfriend and ruin your psychology, as well.

If you have some type of problem when you are in the bedroom and you wish to last longer, then you should not be disappointed. A lot of men are in the same condition. Thankfully, there are various ways you could try out that can help you regain your position as the real king in the bedroom.

Here is what you can do if you wish to last longer during a sexual act, and by longer we mean at least half an hour more…

Control your masturbation

When you masturbate alone, you can actually control your forthcoming orgasm. All you need to do is to wait until you feel that you reach your peak and stop every little movement at that stage until you calm down. After a little time, redouble your efforts and repeat the same technique. You’ll soon notice that your control of your orgasm will have increased considerably.

Masturbate beforehand

One of the most common reasons for quick ejaculations is that you may be overly enthusiastic with your girlfriend and you cannot keep yourself for a long time waiting to reach your edge. It is actually something you cannot easily control and it is also, flattening for your partner, as well. However, she will not really appreciate it after some time.

A solution for this is to masturbate before your sexual encounter in order to release some of the tension. You will then be less sensitive to every touch, lick or even thrust. However, you should not overdo it, as this may lead to the opposite result: that of not being able to perform at all.

Invigorate your pelvic floor’s muscles

Having strong muscles in your pelvic floor area can be really important when you ejaculate. In order to invigorate those muscles, there are certain exercises you could follow on a daily basis. Those exercises will help you last longer when the time comes for you to ejaculate.

A simple, yet effective exercise includes the following steps: firstly, try to contract, push and hold those muscles for more than 15 seconds. Release them and repeat the whole exercise for about 10 times a day. You will notice that your muscles will start to become stronger and you’ll be able to control them more e3asily when the time comes for you and your partner to have sex.

Squeeze your penis

A pretty effective trick if you wish to last longer in bed is a bit is to squeeze just below the head of your penis. That will actually decrease the amount of blood, and therefore oxygen that reaches the genital region and that in turn will decrease the danger of premature ejaculation.

Continue the sexual act for another round

After both you and your partner get to orgasm, you can have a break and restart the whole sexual act. Your penis will then be a lot less sensitive and you’ll be able to keep yourself from ejaculating too quickly.

If you combine this trick with masturbation prior to the first sexual act, you’ll notice a great difference to your overall capability of keeping your orgasm at bay.

Experiment with different things

In order to keep your relationship intact, it is important that you use your imagination and alternate between different things. For example, try out new sex positions, have some unexpected sex instead of preorganized one and choose different places in your home or outside, even public places for your next sexual act.

The new environment will make you get distracted easily and become more abstemious when you feel like your orgasm gets closer.


Opt for supplements

Apart from the natural ways mentioned above, men suffering from premature ejaculation can really see a great improvement in their condition if they choose to purchase some effective supplements that are focused on helping males control their orgasms.

A variety of such supplements are available on the market nowadays, and they are capable of not only helping men to prolong their ejaculations, but to make their orgasms stronger and their erections harder, as well.

Being able to hold back your orgasm until your partner reaches her own one is important in order to maintain your relationship. After all, girls are usually not so quick in reaching their own edge during a sexual act. Caring for your girl’s satisfaction is the key to having a healthy and pleasant sexual relationship.

Shoot Ropes Review – Naturally Increase Your Sperm Count

Men today are at the risk of losing the ability to reproduce. A study conducted by the Hebrew University/Mount
Sinai yielded a result that sperm counts decreased from 99 million in 1973 to 47 million in 2011.[1] What could have caused this? Who knows? It could have come from the change in dietary intake, exposure to radiation brought by electronic gadgets and computers, medicines, chemicals, lifestyle and the like.

The result of the study explains why many married young men can’t get their wives impregnated in a short period of time. This is also the reason why many men have decreased performance in bed, causing their partners to feel unsatisfied. Don’t be discouraged if you are going through these problems. It is not too late to increase your ejaculations and sperm counts. All it takes is a magic formula that could spice up your sexual life in a way you never thought possible.

This Shoot Ropes Review is the key to produce your desired result. With an increased semen, better orgasms and higher degree of pleasure, you may even have a baby in no time. Be guided by the experts in the field as they share their experiences that could help you increase your performance.

What is Shoot Ropes All About?

If you want to last long in enjoying the climax with your partner, pay attention. All of your troubles will be gone with a 720% increase in your semen production with the use of Shoot Ropes strategies. The best feature is that you can do this without compromising your health. Shoot Ropes gives the strategies employing natural methods.

Are you wondering what some of those strategies are? As mentioned, they’re natural. They’re what you are biologically expected to do as a man! What’s more? They are packaged in such a way that you are uncovering secrets to attaining sexual prowess akin to that of a porn star. Imagine learning from the best, I mean, learning from those who went through the process of attaining sexual prowess.

A caveat though, these techniques won’t work without any effort. You should put a lot of work to attain your desired result.

Who is Behind Shoot Ropes Formula?

David McLaren, the author of Shoot Ropes, is someone who went through the process of what he wrote about. He is not just a theoretical researcher who looked up information and assembled them into a book. He is more than that. He is a doer, a discoverer, an innovator and an experienced writer.

What made him write about Shoot Ropes? Just like many of us, he had his embarrassing moment, too. He was
laughed at by his partner upon noticing his climax! From that moment on, his life was never the same again. An action man, he read about everything related to his sexual problem, put everything into a test and produced results. That’s how Shoot Ropes came into being.

What are the Best Features of Shoot Ropes?

A product is never effective unless it is tried, tested and proven to produce lasting results. With various reviews of international users, Shoot Ropes have the following best features.

  1. Proven techniques

Experience led David McLaren to write about this book. This alone is an evidence that the techniques are proven because he put everything into a test to prove its effectivity. Plus, a lot of users of his formula in increasing semen volume up to 720% testify that his methods actually work. To this effect, many buyers reported an almost perfect buyer frenzy rank of satisfaction with Shoot Ropes. Can you see the implication of that? A lot of men increased their semen production by 720% by using this book!

  1. Holistic approach

McLaren’s increasing semen formula takes everything into consideration from the dietary intake that could affect libido, effective supplements to take, habits that could affect testosterone levels up to the best-kept secrets of porn stars that make them perform extraordinarily. With these, who cannot learn from an excellent approach?

  1. Simplicity and Practicality

The steps and instructions are practical that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand them. All you need to do is to read and apply them. Written in the plain English language, you can easily grasp them and make them work for you.

  1. Detailed Techniques

You may get a load of general techniques from a lot of books and from the internet regarding how to boost your semen production. However, this is not the case in Shoot Ropes. You get what you deserve – detailed information about the techniques including what will work and what will not work. You will also learn the hows and whys of the techniques given. Plus, these techniques are written in a comprehensive step-by-step process that would make it easy to follow.

  1. Amazing Time Frame

You would be surprised to realize that not long after reading this book, you have already began hitting your target. This is not surprising since there are techniques that produce fast results. With the practicality of its methods, you will find yourself adjusted in time. Who doesn’t like that? Better yet, record your result like the author did. You would keep your track and may even hit your goal earlier than expected.

What Makes Shoot Ropes Outstanding?

The answer is simple. It’s the content of the book that makes it outstanding. Imagine that the techniques to boosting semen production are not only discussed by doctors or nurses but also by experienced people. This can give you the confidence that they really work. Also, you would be surprised that the secret to boosting semen production is not only on the medicine taken but also on the food eaten. This means that the answer to your sexual problem is not necessarily found in drug stores or hospitals. They are all around you, and they are readily available.


Suffer no more. Make your sex life as pleasurable as possible. Increase your semen production and see wonders happen for you. Don’t compromise with cheap, unpromising and unproven strategies. Stick with what was tested, tried, and proven. It will surely work. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in buying pills and medicines, buy this book and solve everything. With this book, you get the value for your money and achieve the result you’ve ever wanted.

[1] Daniel Noah Halpern, “Sperm Count Zero,” GQ (Online). Available at (2019 April).

3 Ways on How to Make a Girl Orgasm Every Time

woman having an orgasmIf you are unable to bring your woman to orgasm, then you need help. The female orgasm sounds relatively difficult to master, but it is not. All you need are some tips that will help you and her get there so that you can give her the pleasure of a lifetime.
You can give her an orgasm in record time, and to do that, you need to know the 3 most important ways to make women’s orgasm faster. It is not witchcraft to bring a woman to climax. In fact, it is much easier than you think. If you are ready to please your girl beyond her wildest imaginations then look no further than these tips.

1. Foreplay

The first way to make an orgasm with women is to spend a lot of time with foreplay. This is the time when the two of you spend making the other one aroused. You do everything from deep and passionate kisses to dry humping each other through your clothes. You try to make as many teasing and jokes as possible before you reach the main event.

Many men do not enjoy foreplay and it is a pity because women need it. Men simply want to get to the main event, and rightly so. But if you want to make her have an orgasm with you, then foreplay is required. Spend a lot of time warming her up and preparing. You will be glad that you have done it in the end as this will result in her climaxing faster.

2. Make her feel special and good

The second way to make her pleasure faster is to make her feel good and special. Try to slow things down and change the tempo. You want this to be about her, not you. Put her pleasure first and make it your top priority. Let it happen at your own pace and that will do you good. You want her to feel that she can do this with you and if in doubt, it will not work in your favor.

3. Know the stimulation she wants

The third way to bring women to orgasm is knowing what type of stimulation they like and what works best for them. For example, only 15-20% of women can have a sexual orgasm. These are low probabilities for you, so instead you should focus on the clitoris as a stimulant. Forget the attempt to beat her to bring her to orgasm. You need to change it, use your tongue or fingers to pace the clitoral stimulation.
A lot of women have never or rarely been able to reach orgasm. This is mainly because the men in their lives have no idea how they should please a woman. To keep the passion alive in your relationship, you need to know exactly what can be done to bring a girl to orgasm.

Applying these tips to your bedroom play can make her feel something she has yet to feel with you. Not only that, but you can prove yourself as an incredible love for her and you can do it now.

How to Give Your Girl an Orgasm Every Time!

Make her hornyResearch has shown that every woman has the physical ability to ejaculate. But why is it that very few women ever get to this point? It all boils down to your technique in the bedroom. Although some women do cum faster and more often than others, you can make any girl achieve a powerful orgasm every time by following the three proven methods that never fail.

Ensure her mind is into it

Ever heard of the phrase sex is all in the mind? Well, the statement could not be more accurate when it comes to a girl’s orgasm. You need to plant the idea in their mind early enough and to nurture it throughout the day. Build the anticipation by whispering sweet nothings into her ears and telling her what you want to do to her. Make sure to use the dirty talk both during sex and foreplay. When her mind gets into it, her body will surely follow, and she will orgasm much quicker.

Take time to stimulate her clitoris before penetration

The clitoris is essential to any female ejaculation. So pleasuring this crucial part will go a long way in stimulating your girl. Your tongue is your secret weapon. Women are not able to resist the warm and soft sensation it provides. Don’t rush or push too hard though; take it slow and be persistent. Remember, Repetition is key. Make her feel that you won’t stop until she succumbs to the pleasure.

If you combine this with the dirty talk we discussed earlier, your girl will explode with just a few strokes when you finally get to penetration. Use two fingers to finger her upper wall while still performing oral. This will stimulate her g-spot. Going down on your girl will work miracles for you especially if you have problems lasting long.

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Choose a favorable position

We have already established that the clitoris is key. Any sex position you choose should, therefore, be able to put pressure on it; your girl will not be reaching her climax otherwise. The truth is that most sex positions don’t stimulate a girl’s clitoris. You will need a little bit of innovation to achieve this fete. These three positions can help you get there.

(1) With your girl on top, make a fist and place it at the junction of your pelvises. She will press her clitoris against your fist every time she thrusts forward.

(2) Get your girl into a doggy style position. Position yourself behind her and reach out to stroke her clit while penetrating her from the rear.

(3) Get on top of your woman but with your chest closer to her shoulders instead of her chest. Your penis will move up and down into the vagina instead of the more common horizontal movement thus enhancing contact between your pelvic bone and her clit.

Most people will tell you that a girl takes somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes to cum. But what we know for certain is that generally, women take longer to ejaculate than men. So unless you want your girl to be faking it every time, you need to even out the playing field by implementing some of the techniques listed above.

Strategies to Adding Some ‘Length’ to Your Bedroom Time

Girl Wanting a Big DickThere’s nothing quite like having lunch with your girlfriends and the topic of sex comes up. Of course, when the topic of sex comes up, a discussion of orgasms tends to follow suit. As women, our experiences with sex vary from woman to woman. For instance, some of us really struggle with having the big “O”, while some of us can’t shut up. Then, there are women like me who can get there, but not just with anybody. I need an emotional connection with my partner, which I have. Thank goodness! However, and sadly, he has a small penis. No, his penis isn’t small like a “small penis”. His penis is small like a baby carrot. His penis is “I-can’t-do-anything-with-it” small.

Learn: Powerful Tricks of Getting a Bigger Penis

If you have ever had to deal with such a situation, please know that you are not alone. I was very grateful when I realized I wasn’t the only woman who dealt with this. Do not feel pressure to lie to your significant other. By doing so, you are only hurting them, yourself and your relationship. Even worse, you’re hurting your chances for a real orgasm! It is possible to have great sex with a man who has a small penis. Creativity goes a very long way (pun intended). There are so many techniques and handy tools and tricks out there; it’s going to blow your mind how easy it is to get bigger in the sack!

I highly suggest checking out your nearest sex toy store. I find it so hard to understand why sex toy stores are often considered dirty, perverted or just for Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not! There is nothing bad about wanting to fulfill your sexual desires. Plus, let’s face it: when you’re not satisfied, nobody can be satisfied. Also, sex toy stores often have wonderful, educated store attendants who usually love talking about everything sex. I’m 100% positive you will not be the first person who walks into the store searching for ways to add some “length” to your bedroom time. Now of course if you’re shy, you can shop for sex toys online. Some great, well-known sex stores include Adam & Eve, Lovehoney and Jack and Jill Adult Superstore. Don’t worry, they mail very discreetly.

In addition, please consider the wonders of oral sex. A lot of women prefer oral sex over penetration anyway. And oral sex is a great way to get to know each other as partners while having loads of fun. Many women do not orgasm simply from penetration, but mostly through clitoral stimulation. If your partner isn’t already performing oral sex on you, please consider adding oral sex to your intimate time. It could work wonders for you! Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about trying different locations to have sex. Add some lingerie to the mix. Arousment is usually the best solution for this type of problem. Some couples even enjoy role playing. There are many ways to add spice to your sex life to make up for a partner who has a small penis. There are many ways to gain pleasure.

Sex can have problems, but with every problem, there is a solution. Just like any other relationship, sex requires the proper communication and respect in order for the people participating in it to reap unanimous gratification. You won’t get anywhere if you fake any pleasure or not communicate with your partner in the first place. With that being said, be open! Be willing to explore your sexuality like the jungle it is and you will eventually catch a coconut. Perhaps then you will find what you are looking for.

The Importance of a Big Penis to Build Confidence

Why Having a Big Penis is ImportantA man’s confidence is influenced by many factors; the list is endless. However, at the core of a man’s ego is his manhood. The size of a man’s penis is a direct reflection of his confidence level. Every man wants a big penis. Should the hidden desires of every man with locker-room syndrome’ be ranked, a big penis would by a huge majority be the preferred desire. This is understandable.

Sex is man’s primary concern and money is recompense.

For most men, life is simply a power play. Irrespective of all that history teaches, money is not the primal concern of men. It is sex. A man has always valued himself not by how much he has but how capable he is of pleasing his partners. A man’s attention is mostly drawn to his penis at least ten times a day, often found sizing himself at the restroom with an acute sense of self-importance, or with dissatisfaction.

Athleticism, career prestige, and money only serve as a recompense for men lacking an engorged manhood capable of satisfying any woman. This is the reason why men with small penises often turn work bullies and smarty-pants whilst their big penis counterparts confidently assert their authority.

Men with Big Penis Tend to Socialize More

Even amongst male peers in the locker room, always the most confident person is guaranteed to be the person with a big penis. Men with a small penis are mostly less inclined to socialize especially with the realization – usually upon comparison – that they do not measure up to their peers’ standards. This makes them feel less masculine resulting in a complex. On the other hand, men with big penis serves are highly confident, social beings filled with the realization that they are just as endowed – if not better – as any other.

Men lacking a sizeable penis are often humiliated from their boyhood years to adulthood. Whilst this starts from their peers, ladies also look down on them should they have a clue on their size. A single crass or humiliating gesture or remark about the size of a man’s penis is guaranteed to send him spiraling down into preclusion and antisocial behavior.

Raising your confidence
One of the most sought after products on the Internet is enlargement products. Whilst some are the equivalent of scams, a few actually work and can do the magical job of increasing the size of your confidence by helping you grow your package. Any effective penile enlargement drug has to be capable of increasing the size of your penis by at least 3 inches in length. These drugs will feed you with the realization that you are capable of satisfying just about any person out there.

A big penis could open doors to happiness, confidence, assurance and a fulfilled love life. It is a chance to live a life devoid of the anxiety that comes immediately before sex which even become worse and embarrassing after sex when a lady walks out of your room with less satisfaction. Rid yourself of all the negative feelings and attitudes that accompany a small penis and get a big penis today.