How to Really Ejaculate More? Is it Really Possible?

she wants more semenIt’s no longer just about the size of the penis since most men are now experiencing distress in relationships, sexual dissatisfaction, fear of failure and anxiety in their sexual performance due to unsatisfied ejaculation volume.

The Natural and Lazy Way

Well-being and exercise. Regular exercise and weight loss in overweight and obese people lead to increase sperm count and concentration, especially consistent aerobic exercises.
  • Men are advised to reduce stress as it makes the body become less concerned with reproduction and makes it focused on its surviving since stress causes the body to conserve energy by taking defensive measures. Men experiencing severe stress are advised to get antidepressant or antianxiety medications from a health provider.
  • Avoiding the use of drugs. Smoking and use of drugs like alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana are linked to reduced volume of sperms.
  • Proper food diet and nutrients. To naturally increase sperm count, the best way is increasing the consumption of foods that are high in sperm count friendly nutrients. Such foods include; leafy greens especially spinach and kale, grains, whole wheat, walnuts, bananas, ginseng, fish, oysters, milk and milk products, turmeric, broccoli, garlic, and dark chocolate.
  • Men are advised to take enough vitamin D and calcium serum as a low dietary intake of vitamin D corresponds with a lowered sperm count. These supplements can be purchased in health food stores. Level up intake of food rich in antioxidants as these help in removal and deactivation of compounds and free radicals and that destroy cells. Increased antioxidant consumption has been linked to increasing sperm volume, for example, glutathione, vitamin E, ascorbic acid and selenium.
  • Increased intake of healthy fats like omega-6 and omega-3 lead to healthy sperm membrane development. Individuals are to consume the two essential compounds in the same quantities for perfect antioxidant benefits sperm development. However, Trans fatty acids affect the ability of the long-chain unsaturated fats to incorporate sperm membranes, which is a vital sperm development step.
  • Men are advised to avoid soy, canned and plastic products as they contain plant estrogen, which reduces testosterone bonding and sperm production. They are encouraged to consume combinations of folate and zinc, shown to improve sperm count and concentration.
  • Medications. Some men go to the doctor over very low sperm counts to be prescribed for medication. Some of the drugs to treat this is antibiotics, Serophene, letrozole, hCG, Gonal injections and exogenous androgens. However, some medicines potentially lower healthy sperm production and when stopped taking, sperm count increases or goes back to normal.
  • Medicinal plants. Some people resort to plants to improve sperm count; for example, the fenugreek plant seeds have a compound, Ferusap that significantly improves sperm volume and semen quality. The Indian ginseng is also being used as a solution for several types of sexual dysfunction.
  • Avoid exposure to environmental and occupational contaminants and toxins. Congestion, increased pollution and environmental factors like exposure to toxic chemicals and lousy air also reduce sperm count and health. Men are also advised to avoid putting on tight underwear or shorts to allow free air circulation around their testicles as that too affects sperm health.

The Use of Supplements – The Quick Way

Semenax is a supplement that is designed to help men with their ejaculation intensity and sperm production. Some of its contents are used as ingredients provide a high dose of testosterone boosters and libido boosters to increase prostate health and improve overall sexual performance and some are used in the manufacture for erectile dysfunction treatment. Improvement in the health of prostate and testosterone boost help in elevating sperm production. Increase in volume causes high sperm count and motility which hence enhances fertility, improving one’s ability to conceive a child. There is shortened sexual arousal time in men and their libido levels increase.
Volume pills are an effective and unique blend of various natural ingredients allowed by health professionals to increase sexual desire, good semen volume, and improved sexual stamina during an orgasm.

It enhances semen by utilizing organic ingredients targeting glands in the body which are involved in sperm and semen production. They increase the blood flow in the penis making it harder and more satisfying. It has been proven to be a safe and straightforward solution to a variety of sexual problems; there is an increase in erection power, lasting longer during sex, pleasing partner more and enjoying more powerful orgasms and also increasing the ejaculation volume.