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3 Ways on How to Make a Girl Orgasm Every Time

woman having an orgasmIf you are unable to bring your woman to orgasm, then you need help. The female orgasm sounds relatively difficult to master, but it is not. All you need are some tips that will help you and her get there so that you can give her the pleasure of a lifetime.
You can give her an orgasm in record time, and to do that, you need to know the 3 most important ways to make women’s orgasm faster. It is not witchcraft to bring a woman to climax. In fact, it is much easier than you think. If you are ready to please your girl beyond her wildest imaginations then look no further than these tips.

1. Foreplay

The first way to make an orgasm with women is to spend a lot of time with foreplay. This is the time when the two of you spend making the other one aroused. You do everything from deep and passionate kisses to dry humping each other through your clothes. You try to make as many teasing and jokes as possible before you reach the main event.

Many men do not enjoy foreplay and it is a pity because women need it. Men simply want to get to the main event, and rightly so. But if you want to make her have an orgasm with you, then foreplay is required. Spend a lot of time warming her up and preparing. You will be glad that you have done it in the end as this will result in her climaxing faster.

2. Make her feel special and good

The second way to make her pleasure faster is to make her feel good and special. Try to slow things down and change the tempo. You want this to be about her, not you. Put her pleasure first and make it your top priority. Let it happen at your own pace and that will do you good. You want her to feel that she can do this with you and if in doubt, it will not work in your favor.

3. Know the stimulation she wants

The third way to bring women to orgasm is knowing what type of stimulation they like and what works best for them. For example, only 15-20% of women can have a sexual orgasm. These are low probabilities for you, so instead you should focus on the clitoris as a stimulant. Forget the attempt to beat her to bring her to orgasm. You need to change it, use your tongue or fingers to pace the clitoral stimulation.
A lot of women have never or rarely been able to reach orgasm. This is mainly because the men in their lives have no idea how they should please a woman. To keep the passion alive in your relationship, you need to know exactly what can be done to bring a girl to orgasm.

Applying these tips to your bedroom play can make her feel something she has yet to feel with you. Not only that, but you can prove yourself as an incredible love for her and you can do it now.

3 Powerful Oral Sex Techniques to Apply on Her

Tecniques on How to Eat PussyGiving girls oral sex is one of the best things that you can do to give them mind-blowing orgasms during lovemaking sessions. Women love men to go down on them, but not just go licking and poking around her vulva. They want men who know how to do it right.

Below are some powerful oral sex techniques to apply on her that will cause her to dig her fingernails into your back as she moans and screams her way through an incredibly intense orgasm.

1. Make her want it bad!

Women have an incredible imagination, and you can give them great, no-touch orgasms by describing what you will do to them. Your words have to convey what you will surely do. Once it becomes real enough, she can touch herself internally and give herself a great orgasm.

Before you go down on her, you need to set the mood right. Women take the time to be aroused, and therefore it is your job to turn them on. Make her body feel relaxed by having a shower together. Turn her on mentally by watching steamy videos or reading a steamy video together.

Fantasies and sex games are great ways to make her this hot. Find out what would make her hot and then re-live it with her with your words. Then plan a sexual game to anchor this in her body.

2. Give her a breast orgasm

Find out where she would like to be when you give her a breast orgasm. Maybe she’d like to try it in a car in a parking lot or out in the desert. Find out her wishes and then start to tease her breasts.

Start lightly and tease around her nipples. Start a gentle suction and make it more and more intense and do it faster and faster. Don’t hurt her, but the more suction you can use and the greater speed, the better power you’ll have.

3. Give her a clitoris orgasm

Ask her how she would best like to have you give her a clitoral orgasm. If you’ve given her the first two, you won’t have to do much in the way of games.

If not, ask her what would turn her on and give her what she wants. This power will make her very sensual and sensitive to your touch.

Lightly put your tongue on her clitoris and then withdraw it. Tease her for an hour on her clitoris. This can be a very long-lasting session. Push your tongue inside her and give her some good tongue action. Wait until she squeezes you internally.

4. Give her a g-spot orgasm

  • Have your woman lay on her back with her legs open.
  • Start to lick her clitoris.
  • Insert your middle finger (of either hand) inside her as far as it will go and rub the front wall of her vagina. You can rub this spot (commonly referred to as ‘The Deep Spot‘) pretty firmly.
  • Now put your tongue on her clitoris as she gets close to an orgasm on her g-spot. The clit may be tender so you might have to wait before you touch it.
  • When you get the right motion going with your tongue on your woman’s clitoris and your middle finger massaging her deep spot, prepare for her to have an earth-shattering orgasm.

Once she’s had a full “round” of these climaxes, then you will put her in a position to explode and have a full-body orgasm. She will appreciate it, and she will pay you back in many ways.